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A lot of people have requested another pressing of this record, so here you go! It is being pressed at the same time as the other four LPs from the Kickstarter, so pre-order it now and it will ship in the next few weeks (expect it in your mailbox in late September or early October). These will not be fancy, schmancy deluxe-packaged records. They will be utilitarian at heart like the other Say Hi records: two panels, with a robot on one side, a black and white insert and standard weight 33rpm black vinyl. The Wishes & The Glitch is the 5th Say Hi record. It contains the following songs:

1. Northwestern Girls
2. Shakes Her Shoulders
3. Toil And Trouble
4. Back Before We Were Brittle
5. Oboes Bleat And Triangles Tink
6. Magic Beans And Truth Machines
7. Bluetime
8. Spiders
9. Zero To Love
10. Apples For The Innocent
11. We Lost The Albatross